What inspired you to become a SmartPA business owner?

My family inspired me to become an Entrepreneur and a Business owner.

My ‘why’ is being the inspiration my family needs to reach our goals, and collectively empower our clients to fulfil their dreams.


What led you to become a SmartPA?

I had been an Executive Assistant for 33 years, working for different corporations and individuals, as a salaried employee.

It was November 2017 and I had been researching business opportunities that allow me the opportunity to supplement my income and work part-time from home. I wasn’t unhappy and I had no desire to quit my job, I just felt I needed to be more fulfilled and challenged to push my boundaries.

I wanted to continue working as a Personal Assistant, but I also wanted to create my own work schedule and provide myself with more flexibility and freedom with my time.


How did you find starting up your own business?

The experience was surprising. Not only was I making the transition from being a salaried professional to a business owner, but I also had to become a student.

I completed a comprehensive training programme as part of SmartPA’s onboarding process. After completing the course, I felt empowered and imbued with confidence.

Feeling a sense of accomplishment and filled with euphoria and purpose, I onboarded my first client with a smile!


How did you generate your own clients?

I ramped up my activity on LinkedIn, connected with other SmartPA Partners from around the world. I browsed connections and took a genuine interest to understand what it is they do. I sent out personalised messages with no hidden agendas, rather messages filled with authentic requests and aligned interests. I found that other partners were far more likely to accept the connection request with my personalised message. What was great about reaching out to the network and investing time and energy to make connections, was that they returned my efforts in kind, and it wasn’t long before I received a request to onboard a Fortune 500 company.


How did COVID impact your business?

At the beginning, it did create a lot of fear and uncertainty, but I remained disciplined and focused on delivering A-Class service to my existing clients. In a short space of time, I had gone from trying to find business to actually having to turn away work because I was so busy.

At this stage, my family noticed how busy I was becoming and decided to also become accredited SmartPAs to work with me on my virtual assistant business. Now not only am I a business owner, but I am an employer too! My team consists of me, my husband, my son and his wife.

I had feared that the pandemic would create barriers for my business, but in the end, it has opened up opportunities not just for me but for my whole family.


To read Mandy’s full story, she has written a blog series talking all about her fascinating business journey.

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